D.A.V.I. Radio Los Angeles

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D.A.V.I. Radio Los Angeles is a HOT New Radio Station based out of Los Angeles CA. The stations CEO and First Lady Davi Davenport, is a 25 year Media Industry Professional, her vision was to create a Radio Station consisting of various genres of music, and exciting over the top talk shows that leave the listener wanting more.

Each of the very talented Radio Personalities on D.A.V.I. Radio Los Angeles are seasoned entertainers, and media personalities, with extremely diverse backgrounds. The station’s goal is that the listener turns on the station, and never wants to turn it off. D.A.V.I. Radio Los Angeles will be remembered as a historic station, mainly because it was launched in the middle of a global pandemic, and also because a strong part of the station’s foundation is built on its philanthropic efforts, and devotion to various communities in need.

The station’s mission is to inspire, inform, motivate, and excite the listener, creating an on air environment that makes the listener feel right at home. If what the listener is looking for is great content, and a feeling of community, then D.A.V.I. Radio Los Angeles is definitely the place for them. Join the family, we promise, you’ll never want to look back!!!!

A huge thank you to Starlight Broadcasting CEO Steve Harris for helping me make this happen, and for holding my hand during the 2.5 years of preparation.

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