“The Beauty of Music is that it is both the Source of Creation and the means of absorbing it” Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Music is not only an educational tool but a healing tool as well.  At Music For Global Change our vision is to promote the practice of giving back by offering inspiration to support and bring awareness to social causes all over our planet.  We also strive to showcase songwriters who express a passion for humanitarian issues by offering a platform for this purpose so that their music and message can affect social change.  

At Music For Global Change we excel in producing theme songs for global causes.  We are re-formatting our internet radio network so we can share these songs and ideas directly with you and bring awareness to these causes, while at the same time introducing and promoting innovative ideas that save the consumer energy and money – ideas created by some of the world’s  up-and-coming innovators and entrepreneurs.  Knowledge is power and sharing innovative ideas via music and the World Wide Web empowers us all from an economic, social and environmental standpoint.  Are you ready for a fresh, positive news platform?  It’s time to give bad news some healthy competition – may the best news win!

As Founder of Music For Global Change, Skyler Jett travels the Planet, inspiring songwriters and imparting ideas to improve our music industry while providing conscious-based institutions with more visibility via our creative music services.  Skyler feels passionately about inspiring social change via music during this exciting time of increasing consciousness and planetary awareness.   He sees that there is also an opportunity to improve the state of our music industry, replacing discriminative practices that no longer resonate with this New Paradigm of Consciousness and Technology on the Planet right now.  The old way of doing things in the Record Business have all but vanished due to the internet revolution and with this shift it’s more easy than ever before to align to our Soul Purpose and empower our own vision and unique journey – the tools are available for us to connect the dots and connect to each other – let’s give thanks!  Here are some examples of internal changes that are crying out to be remedied in our music business:

Our industry model has spun out of control with projecting a ‘cookie-cutter’ brand-image formula on to the scene – it’s become discriminative to artists that don’t fit the commercial ‘look’. All around us we see the hyper-sexualization of the music industry through advertising and media, even marketing to very young children who have increasing amounts of screen time. Advertising and The Media Engine taps into our fears that we are not enough and fuels this perception that we don’t have enough and that we need to ‘buy’ a brand and look outside of ourselves in order to feel whole. This ‘cookie-cutter formula’ has often resulted in a regurgitation of the same sound and same look over and over again to the point of it stunting our children’s creative horizons and even their own self image. At Music For Global Change we believe the cookie-cutter approach is past it’s sell-by date! We aim to open the doors again to a wealth of creative freedoms and diverse cultural influences and opportunities. To inspire change through lyrical content that supports empowered, conscious communication. We aim to ignite passion in Songwriters, young and old, to tap into their own imagination by engaging with their inner wisdom and authentic voice as opposed to looking outside to the formulaic hits that are being churned out all around us. Music isn’t something we look at, it’s something we listen to! If we keep supporting this brand-imaging machine we run the risk of stunting a generation of potential artists before they can blossom with authentic self expression.

#2 – Racism

Why is it more difficult for African American Songwriters and Artists to pursue a dream of being a Country Music Artist or Rock Artist than for Caucasian Artists to thrive in genres stemming from African America Culture like Jazz, R&B, Hiphop and even Rap music? … check out the equilibrium for yourself! Music is a language for all of us not just some of us. It’s time to break down the barriers and open the doors to all who seek to pursue any genre that their heart desires.

#3 – Age Discrimination in Music

Remember, music is something to listen to, it has nothing what so ever to do with your age!

#4 – Bring The Human Sound Back To The Forefront

Bring the Human sound back into music because ” YOU CAN’T BEAT THE HUMAN QUALITY OF SOUND!

#5 – Where is the Respect For Musicians Nowadays?

I’m dismayed that during an Award Ceremony for the Music Industry that Dancers tend to get greater respect during a performance than Musicians these days. Take a look at any one of the award shows for our industry like the Grammies or American Music Awards :- they stick the Musicians somewhere behind a curtain while the Dancers romp around the Artist and get the glory! I’m calling for a balance so that the live authentic sound of live Musicians playing live is actually celebrated and valued.

At Music For Global Change we know it’s not about the problem – it’s about the solution! So with the above points in writing it’s time to let the action begin!  It’s people who make the world go round and with the help of people all things are possible.

To your infinite creativity,

Peace All Ways,

Skyler Jett and Music For Global Change

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