Steve Harris / CEO Starlight Broadcasting.

Founder of Starlight Broadcasting.

I started my career as a Mobile DJ In Portsmouth whilst serving In the Royal Navy with Malcolm Drew’s Ace Discoteque’s. In Hampshire back in 1979, It was whilst I was with Malcolm I over come my mic shyness when I was booked to play music for The Havant Island Baton Twirling Group who were out to break a World Record, as a result of this not only did they break the World Record but I also set a Record for Non Stop DJ. In total I think It was two days with only six 30 min breaks for myself per day, It definitely got me out of my microphone shyness as no one was listening to me.

Also whilst with Ace Discoteque’s I became one of the first Roller Skating Disc Jockeys at Southsea’s Roller Skating Rink …but with a difference we used Tri Skates (Basically a Ice Skate on wheels) It hurt. I then moved on to be a Sound Engineer and Roadie for The Radio One Roadshow In the early 80’s.

As time progressed I appeared on Sky Channel with Gary Davis and Music Box with Gaz Topps (Later to become MTV).
The first time my voice arrived on the airwaves was on Radio Tees (TFM) I then went onto BBC Newcastle and was mentioned quite a lot as “The Bald Rice Krispie” from that year “The Hairy Cornflake” Dave Lee Travis on Radio One.

After working all over the UK as a DJ and Holiday Camp Entertainer, Including M.O.C, Comedian and Impressionist, I returned to the North East of England and went on to work at various venues, mainly for The Quadrini Group at both floating night clubs Tuxedo Princess and Tuxedo Royal Including all of their other seven bars and clubs.

In 2010 I started Starlight UK Radio on the Internet as a hobby but with the Impact It had I changed the name to Soul USA Radio then eventually Soul Radio USA (for reasons beyond my control)

In 2017 myself and Paul Gordon started a Non Profit Company Starlight Broadcasting, which today In 2021 Includes over 30 Internet Radio Stations with five radio stations broadcasting live with presenters from The UK and the USA.

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