Donvan Heslop / C.E.O IRT (International Reggie Train)

President CEO – The International Reggae Train L.L.C. Donovan Heslop is an entrepreneur, music and TV

As a manager he was the driving force in propelling the success of Princess to a top ten selling artist
worldwide. Her hit single “Say I’m Your Number One” has sold double platinum worldwide and her
debut album was awarded the Ampex Gold award.

Collaborating with Stock Aiken & Waterman to produce Princess’ First Album. “Say I’m Your Number
One” was the lynchpin single that rescued the PWL Company from bankruptcy and propelled them to be
the number one production team with over 200 hit singles worldwide.

Executive Producer on ‘All for Love’ with Ballard & Magness producer on (“Man In the Mirror” – Michael
Jackson). Siedah Garret (Co- writer ‘Man In The Mirror’), Fox & Drinkwater (El DeBarge), Paul Burgess
(Five Star) Trevor Lawrence (Stevie Wonder).

Co-Directed Children ‘On the Front Line’ video for Kodak.

Creator/Director/Producer The international Reggae Train TV show featuring Grammy winning artist Shaggy.
Producer ‘I’m Gonna Love Ya’ video “The Emergence” album by Princess Co-written & produced

Now producing under the name Original DonMan (ODM):
New album “The Passion” by Princess co-written and produced to be released this autumn. Single “So
Far From My Baby” available on iTunes.

The new single and album “Sunshine Girl” for The Crown Jewels (TCJ), band for Princess and house band
for The International Reggae Train TV show. Single “Sunshine Girl” featuring Princess, to be released this

Donovan has also created over 9 million dollars in sales over the last five years, working with the
managing partners and marketing departments of major law firms around the world as a Legal Media Specialist.
As a socially conscious person Donovan also encouraged Princess to work with UNICEF for which they
both were awarded Certificates of Distinction for their work in Zimbabwe and South Korea.
Donovan brings a unique perspective to all his endeavors based on the above various disciplines.
Combined with a boldness of vision he has created a new project The International Reggae Train TV

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